This Privacy policy (here and after referred to as – “Policy”) is aimed on definition and regulation of Mobile application Users data capture, information processing and use (here and after referred to as – “User” or “Users”), access granting to obtained information about Users to other persons, definition of main information about Users sources.

This policy is a legally binding document for all Users, registered in Mobile application. Each User is obliged to read, acknowledge and accept this Policy before start using Mobile application (or while using Mobile application) in accordance with its’ main content, purpose and functionality.  

The main principal of Mobile application functionality is Users’ rights respect and protection. Administrator recognizes the confidentiality importance of Users’ personal data.

The essential part of the Policy is the other legal documentation including but not limited to the next:


1.1. The Accept of this Policy is effected by User’s registration in Mobile application and its’ practical use in accordance with the content, purpose and functionality of Mobile application by User.

1.2. Policy Accept means reading and understanding of all and each term of the Policy, entire and undoubted User agreement with clauses and demands enumerated in this Policy. In case of disagreement with this Policy the User is to refuse (abstain from) the use of Mobile application.

1.3. Policy Accept testifies the intension, desire and agreement of the User to respect and effect the conditions of this Policy.



2.1. Terms used in this Policy are applicable in accordance with the meaning and content defined in section 1 of User agreement.

2.2. In case of unambiguous interpretation absence of any term in User Agreement body and this Policy, recommended to use next term interpretation: at first – defined in Mobile application, secondarily – in accordance with norms of actual Russian Federation law and traditional business practice, used in the relevant field.



3.1. Users information gaining is effected by the Administrator from the next sources:

3.1.1. The information presented and/or marked in Mobile application within its’ use framework:

  • Users’ data specified while registered in Mobile application in particular name, last name, gender, e-mail address, nickname, pass word or other Users data, defined at the discretion of Administrator, or any other information in accordance with chosen way of registration, particularly by their social media accounts;
  • Users’ data specified by them in their Mobile application account;
  • Users’ data provided by the Users if asked by the Administrator. By this established that the Administrator has the right to ask the Users for any kind of necessary information that permits the Administrator to effect his commitments to Mobile application access for the User and to effect the other commitments to Users. Therein the Users are supposed to provide all necessary and true information to the Administrator.

3.1.2. Information obtained automatically from the software services, applied by the Users while Mobile application use, especially:

  • Hardware stationary device data, used by the User while its visiting, including the brand (model), operating system and its version, a unique code of the device.
  • Mobile communication type data, cell-phone brand (model), Users’ location if mobile device used to enter the Mobile application;
  • Server logs data, especially Users’ search request data, cookie files, IP-address, system failure etc.
  • User’s domain provider name, his country and location.

3.1.3. Automatically received data from social medias by which User logs in Mobile application, in particular but not limited by named above, User’s interests, friends lists, pictures and other data from User’s page in this social media.

3.1.4. Any other information (data) concerning the User and received while Mobile application use, as well as while automatic mode. 

3. Administrator does not check received and provided by the User data accuracy. He does not control their rights and legal capability. Administrator relies upon the User to provide in any case full and true information about himself and keep this information actual.

3.3.The User dispose the right to delete his Account from the Mobile application. If deleted all the data provided to Administrator by User to be excluded (deleted) from the Mobile application.




4.1.While download necessary software User confirms that the log in and pass word choice for the Mobile application is effected in accordance with User’s free expression of will.

4.2. The User is obliged to keep his log in (e-mail) and pass word for the Mobile application in inaccessible for third parties place and not to inform or provide this data to third parties.  The User is entirely responsible for the risk of all possible and potential consequences linked with non-respect of this rule.

4.3. By this User confirms that provided in necessary order data effected only with accordance with User’s free expression of will.

4.4.  By this User agrees his personal data check in accordance with clauses of actual law. The use of personal data effected in order to effect his commitments to Users.

4.5. The User gives the Administrator the right to gather, keep, systemize, delete, change User’s data and transfer anonymous User’s data (as his identification data) if requested by the government and motivated third parties in order, accepted by this Policy, including clause 5 of this Policy.

4.6. By this, the User gives his permission to receive on his e-mail address, cell-phone number and other means of communication any information including commercials and service messages.

4.7. If the User as a third party’s representative is presumed, the User confirms, that this User has necessary permissions and access to place the information about these persons. In marked cases the User is responsible (without Administrator participation) to the persons, whose data have been placed by him in Mobile application if necessary permissions and accesses had not been given.



5.1. Administrator gathers and keeps only necessary for Mobile application functioning data, or data necessary for agreements and contracts execution, excluding the cases when the necessary personal data storage provided by the law during a concrete period of time.

5.2. Personal User data processed by the Administrator in order to:

  • Identify the parties in framework of the Mobile application;
  • Communicate with the User, including notifications , requests and data transfer, that concern the Mobile application use, contracts and agreements execution and User’s request processing;
  • Mobile application quality improvement, new software development;
  • Commercial materials targeting;
  • Statistic and other explorations execution, based on anonymous data.


6.1 According the main rule the Administrator does not dispose the right to transfer User’s data to third parties, excluding the cases when such a transfer is necessary in order to effect his responsibilities to Users including cases enumerated in clause 5.2 of the Policy.

6.2. Cases of Users’ information transfer that do not request the preliminary agreement:

  • Transfer to state agencies, including the investigative bodies, prosecutor’s office and local government by their motivated request;
  • On the basis of judicial act;
  • In other cases defined by the actual law.

6.3. Administrator will do his best to avoid the third parties actions aimed on reception, changing, blocking, deleting, proliferation and copying of Users’ personal data.



7.1. By this, the Administrator and the Users have established extrajudicial dispute resolution resulting from this Policy apply. The terms of renewal for the claim – 30 (thirty) calendar days from the moment of its receipt.

7.2. In case of failure to reach agreement on the dispute, the dispute resulting from this Policy is to be reviewed by the court in accordance with actual law in arbitration/district/world court in accordance with jurisdictional of the dispute by Administrator’s place of location.



8.1. This Policy is to go into effect from the moment of its placement.  The terms of this Policy do not concern any other applications, web-cites, and are not applicable to application and web-cites of third parties.

8.2. This Policy acts during unlimited terms and expires after annulation by the Administrator.

8.3. In case of any Policy changes, such changes come into effect from the moment of new Policy publishing if another terms for the changes to come into effect were not defined while publishing. The Administrator has the right to effect changes in the Policy body unilaterally.

8.4. The User is obliged to control the changes in this Policy and is responsible for negative consequences, resulting from non-respect of this obligation.

8.5. If the User is not agree with these changes, he is obliged to stop this Mobile application use. If he doesn’t – the prolongation of Mobile application use means that the User is agree with a new Policy edition.

8.6. This Policy have been composed in Russian language. If any discrepancy between Policy version in Russian and it’s translations, Russian version of the Policy is in priority.

June 18, 2015