Stop being boring, create your own flashmob in a mobile application FlashMober.

About us

FlashMober is brand new mobile application for creating, performing and exchange of photo and video tasks between users. Getting more and more followers these tasks become so-called flashmobs as thousands of people from around the world participate in it. Pictures and videos of flashmobs get hundreds likes and views.

FlashMober is for those people who are sick and tired from boring social networks. It is much more exiting and interesting to be the part of something global, where thousands of people united by one task. With FlashMober you can become a part of any flash mob and can have a chance to create your own flash mob that many people from different countries can take part in.


Create flashmobs and send them to your friends and millions of people all around the world;
Sign in and accomplish assigned to you flashmobs;
See the most popular posts;
Became a popstart and get millions of likes;
Participate in the coolest flashmobs;
Find the most interesting flashmobs and join us;


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